The Well of Knowledge

But what if The Road is Clear to me? What if My Will is Strong? What if Our Intent Clear? Our Heart Pure? Mind Still? Will Others walk the Path? The Well of Knowledge runs Deep Some quench a thirst Some fetch for others Others drink to live Yet Others Live to Drink But how […]

The Lines Have Blurred

The Lines have Blurred The Blurs have Lines And somewhere therein Lies Life. Boundaries, Rules, Grays, Rights. It’s all a bit Black but White Hell yeah, that’s Heaven I see In every single moral victory But then I see, And I see again The Moral seems a-moral from Here But Here is Here And When […]

I Am The Line

The wolves are at the gate Tearing at my patience with their claws They sneer, snarl, hiss epiteths All others have fallen and are in battle How long will my temper last? The day has been hard And it’s still daylight There is too much to be done The mind, body, spirit they falter Is […]

I Will Take Affection

I will take affection where I get it. I will take love from whomever gives it. I will eat food at whichever hearth offers it to me. I will accept respect, advice, wisdom, quality, support Any Time, Anywhere from Any Source – And be grateful for it all. A life time is all I have […]

Across The Sea, Water

Across The Sea, Water

You cross the Sea And need a drop of Water to Live If You are Child of God And I am Child of God Can a Religion Separate Us? If You are Child of God And I am Child of God But I am Black or Brown Am I less of a Child of God? […]


Found one of my old note-books from school-days with these questions. I believe I started asking these after my Sacred Thread Ceremony in 1982. Some, I have been able to answer to my satisfaction, some answers I am still pursuing some questions have ceased to be relevant. Seemed like a good idea to revisit this […]

The Anatomy of Sadness

It is a debilitating feeling that is clinging to me Making me inert, rendering me unstrong.  I find myself in a languid state of unravelling The pace of unravelling so slow  That I am not falling apart nor alarmed But am suspended in between action and inaction Between melancholy and dispair Between life and the […]

When My Eyes Can’t See

When my eyes can’t see  I’ll still be able to smell and hear and feel  And my eyes will see without seeing When my ears can’t hear I’ll still be able to smell and feel  And my eyes will be seeing without seeing And so my ears will hear through them When my sense of […]

Darkness And Light

The other day, someone asked: “Do you write light stuff, like humour or positive anecdotes? Other than dark stuff?” Now it was a funny question for me because I rarely classify my writing. And it’s been many years since I have deliberately thought in terms of darkness or positivity, or right or wrong, or good […]

Nobody is Listening

Silence. Cacophony. Silence. Chaos, din, noise. Clutter, clatter, incessant chatter. No respect, no structure, no coherence. Just noise. Defeaning noise. The silence is because I go deaf in between. Deaf when I am not speaking, that is. And it is at such an impasse that the world stands today. The day when everyone would be […]