thebengali is a blog on matters of everyday-living, existential questions, ethical matters, professional life, and social and individual commentary. the purpose of the blog is to share what i learn through my conversations with self, family, people, organisations, and other entities.

i started writing regularly in 1984 as a 13-year-old, and haven’t had the sense to stop as yet. no discrimination on the format of writing – verses, prose, essays, songs, columns, articles, books, reviews, instructional manuals, business plans, how-to’s, how-not-to’s, ads, scripts, snippets… are all part of the expression. i live in Pune, India, but have grown up in Mumbai, Delhi, Shimla, Jaipur; have ancestral ties to Benares (Kashi, Varanasi); have lived and worked in Bengaluru, have travelled extensively on work to Hong Kong, Orlando, Dallas, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo, Geneva, Vienna, Berlin, Madrid, Dubai, and a few other places. my interests are life, the living, and everything in between.

i have worked in 5 different industries (travel, hospitality, textiles, print media, learning technology). been a trainer (technical and soft-skills) and on-the-job coach (customer experience) for 30 years. served as the resident music critic and food critic for the city-edition of a national newspaper for 6 years. founded 2 companies (shut one down). as a writer, have written 4 non-fiction books, authored 1800+ articles, columns, reviews and other published journalistic works, written more than 200 poems, lyrics, songs, short stories; have conceptualised and produced 4 music videos, shot more than 150,000 photographs and videos, and created 200+ charcoal sketches, oil-on-canvas paintings and AI-enabled digital art.

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