Priorities, Decisions, Actions

How complex can the human mind get? I don’t know. But the purpose of my existence, mostly, has been to understand and articulate my thought process.

This has been so because I believe it is important for me to record my actions, and lay bare the perceptions, knowledge, attitude, and motivations that led to the actions.

When I look back at my life at any point, I can identify that the times when I have fallen from grace or fallen on tough times, it has been because I have abandoned reason and have deviated from my purpose, becoming instead obsessed with the importance of my self.

The decision-making process that leads to actions are based on the order of priority that my mind has drawn up. At different times in life, the priorities have been different and many conflicts that have occurred, have been associated with my incorrect perception of these priorities.

Knowing my priorities also helps me identify people who do not have a clear plan so that I can quickly get out of their way and leave them to their own devices. It’s the basic rule by which I engage with the world.

At this point in time, I can identify the following as my priority (in order). I can also acknowledge that whenever I have failed to adhere to the order of priorities, it has always – without fail – led to conflict.

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