The Mountain Walker Diaries: When does the Clock become the Time? And Time, Life?

Nako, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India, 9 July 2017, 1755 hours: We are at Nako. No idea what day or date it is, and am happy about that. It is quite amazing how liberating it is to be free of the… Read More The Mountain Walker Diaries: When does the Clock become the Time? And Time,… via […]

The Mountain Walker Diaries: The Clarkes Hotel

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India, 5 July 2017, 2130 hours: I have been coming to this hotel since 2008, which was the year that my paternal aunt and her family moved out of Shimla to Pune. Prior to that, I had… Read More The Mountain Walker Diaries: The Clarkes Hotel via The Mountain Walker Diaries: The Clarkes […]

Work Culture 

Work Culture 

An Individual Ingredient is made of several different elements in varying quantities. These elements, in turn, have individual qualities such as taste, odour, texture and so on. And the ingredient as a whole has qualities that make it unique and different from the comprising elements. And yet, during the process of preparation of food or […]

Vision, Power, and … Leadership

Vision, Power, and … Leadership

Vision, Power and Leadership: What is a leader but a person who takes responsibility of others, a person who gives up their vision to the care of others, and takes up the responsibility of caring for those others?

Time For Some Self-Skilling — Pune365

Just the other day, I was sitting quietly minding my own business, when this inane conversation posed into my space. “It’s difficult right now. Very difficult.” Said one voice. “But you could try. There are so many avenues now and I have like 10 years,” Said another voice. “Yes, yes but that’s all 10 years… via […]

In Search Of: The Simply Human

I was born a Human. I grew up, went to school, went to college, started working. Met a lot of people along the way. Ate a lot of food at many different tables, slept under many different roofs, swapped stories of life and living and all that lies in between. Quarrelled, fought, made up, competed, […]

Life On Rent – No Single People Please!

There’s a matter of grave concern that is vexing a few of my neighbours. A matter of grave concern. And I know it’s been brewing for a few months now, maybe longer. There are these young boys who rent one of the apartments in the society. … yes, that’s the grave concern. Bachelor boys renting… via […]

Discovering Altamash Gaziyani

There’s something strange about the world we live in. On the face of it, individuals today are connected to more of the global population than at any other time in the last 500 years. But delving beyond the surface, we are less likely to discover new things in the world because while the world is […]

The Well of Knowledge

But what if The Road is Clear to me? What if My Will is Strong? What if Our Intent Clear? Our Heart Pure? Mind Still? Will Others walk the Path? The Well of Knowledge runs Deep Some quench a thirst Some fetch for others Others drink to live Yet Others Live to Drink But how […]

The Lines Have Blurred

The Lines have Blurred The Blurs have Lines And somewhere therein Lies Life. Boundaries, Rules, Grays, Rights. It’s all a bit Black but White Hell yeah, that’s Heaven I see In every single moral victory But then I see, And I see again The Moral seems a-moral from Here But Here is Here And When […]