The world’s changing and it’s all happening right here in the living room, study or kitchen … basically, wherever you carry your internet-enabled phone (#everywhere). There was a time, a long time ago (I think it was last year), when the world was changing wherever the iPad was; and an even longer time before that (2014?), the world was changing wherever the laptop was, but now it’s the phone.  

People, friends actually (let me not generalise), (#applelovers.forever. #andever) would have me believe that the iPhone should be the centre of my universe (which should include the iPad along with my i-brain and sundry other i-stuff), but there have been these sneaky voices that keep whispering I should be following the Android revolution … and the Facebook ultra-revolution, and (these are really loud whispers) about the WhatsApp and LinkedIn mega-revolutions , which are all ambling along up on all other revolutions that are vying to change the world around us.

And in the midst of such momentous changes, I keep thinking of the cutting-edge learning solutions that still need servers, multi-layered architectures on physical infrastructure (but in a mysterious place called ‘cloud’)and GBs of space for people to access (slowly, while being killed softly) long, droning sermons cutely packaged as ‘eLearning.”

And even cuter are the really rapid eLearning products and services which have been evolving since 2000 something or the other. While social networking and interactive media are rapidly cutting across genre and types of content, eLearning and its rapid avatars are struggling – really hard – to find quicker ways to deliver content in really boring and archaic formats, packaged under new and very improved terminologies.

In the end, I think the mobile app companies and gaming companies might hold the key to taking ‘learning solutions’ to the next level rather than the learning solutions companies. Tch, tch.

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