Time For Some Self-Skilling — Pune365

Just the other day, I was sitting quietly minding my own business, when this inane conversation posed into my space. “It’s difficult right now. Very difficult.” Said one voice. “But you could try. There are so many avenues now and I have like 10 years,” Said another voice. “Yes, yes but that’s all 10 years… via […]

“I’ll See Your Troll and Raise You One Notable Woman Scientist”

Brilliant insight into the challenging life of a dedicated woman admin of Wikipedia, and how she channelised the resultant negative energy into productivity; (Explicit language). At Backchannel, Andrew McMillen writes on how one young Wikipedia admin fights back at trolls by raising the profile of notable women in science, one new Wikipedia page at a time. via […]

Appocalyptica … Inky Pinky Ponky

Appocalyptica … Inky Pinky Ponky

The other day I was walking about aimlessly, looking here, looking there, generally in a lethargic mood, undecided about what I would do next, what I wanted to do, and very aware that in the meanwhile, work and errands and chores were piling up. It felt good to just take a walk without purpose – […]

Twitter Dear Twitter: Where is thy India Time zone, INR payment option?

Twitter Dear Twitter: Where is thy India Time zone, INR payment option?

So, the other day I decided to add Twitter Ads to my recommended media strategy for small businesses. I like Twitter, always have since I started using it. It’s simple, effective, and can be a very efficient advertising platform. But then, during the set-up process, I discovered that Twitter does not list Indian Standard Time […]

Notes on Aviation Training Trends from APATS 2016

Notes on Aviation Training Trends from APATS 2016

Last week (August 30-31, 2016) saw a flurry of discussions and conferences at the two-day Asia Pacific Aviation Training Symposium (APATS) in Singapore. Attended by 559 delegates from 45 countries, representing 51 airlines, 234 companies, APATS 2016 saw 32 presentations on various operational and training matters, addressing some major training issues confronting the Asian aviation industry.  […]

The Train

I know this little boy who loves cars and trains. And why not? He’s at that age. So he plays with his assortment of little toy cars and a few toy trains. Curiously enough, he has never really seen a real train, nor for that matter does he really have a ‘train’ – he has a […]


The world’s changing and it’s all happening right here in the living room, study or kitchen … basically, wherever you carry your internet-enabled phone (#everywhere). There was a time, a long time ago (I think it was last year), when the world was changing wherever the iPad was; and an even longer time before that […]

Wired, Differently

Product companies, no matter how visionary or big, just stop connecting the dots after a while and then spend their time ‘maintaining’ a product built 10 years ago. To my mind this difference is important because a product built even five years ago is going to really struggle to connect to anything today, keeping the whole […]

Hop, skip, jump

In the near future (say in about two decades), I don’t see computers (the way we know them now that is). I don’t see laptops, I don’t see iPads, maybe some palm-tops. Which is why the iPad does not excite me any more. I am bored of it. And bored of the smart-phone as well. And […]


So most days I have several moments when I have done a lot of work, covered a lot of miles or had long conversations but when I check the time it turns out just 10 minutes have passed. This is because of what I have come to think of as ‘mind mileage’. Time – to […]