Vision, Power, and … Leadership

Vision, Power, and … Leadership

Vision, Power and Leadership: What is a leader but a person who takes responsibility of others, a person who gives up their vision to the care of others, and takes up the responsibility of caring for those others?

April Magic In May

Last Thursday, I felt a sudden inspiration and within a couple of hours, I had finished writing my column for this week. Naturally, I was pleased with myself since I usually write it on the Sunday, or some times even an hour before the deadline on Monday afternoon. I was particularly satisfied since the… via April […]

Baner – Life In The Fast Lane

A couple of months ago I took a right turn from Saikar Chowk on Baner Road (earlier called Ganraj Mangal Karyalay Chowk) and discovered the Cummins Building and the new, improved avatar of Baner-Balewadi that seems to have sprung up in the past year. It was a pleasant shock, especially since I have been living… via […]

All The Prime Minister’s Men and Women

Demonetisation, Digitisation, GST, Financial Sector reforms … I find myself on very unfamiliar territory nowadays. Very unfamiliar. Most of my life, I have been used to watching governments coming and going in India, leaving me with fleeting impressions of policies/actions that I liked or didn’t like (always specific policies or Acts or laws, never anything… via […]

The Well of Knowledge

But what if The Road is Clear to me? What if My Will is Strong? What if Our Intent Clear? Our Heart Pure? Mind Still? Will Others walk the Path? The Well of Knowledge runs Deep Some quench a thirst Some fetch for others Others drink to live Yet Others Live to Drink But how […]

The Lines Have Blurred

The Lines have Blurred The Blurs have Lines And somewhere therein Lies Life. Boundaries, Rules, Grays, Rights. It’s all a bit Black but White Hell yeah, that’s Heaven I see In every single moral victory But then I see, And I see again The Moral seems a-moral from Here But Here is Here And When […]

I Am The Line

The wolves are at the gate Tearing at my patience with their claws They sneer, snarl, hiss epiteths All others have fallen and are in battle How long will my temper last? The day has been hard And it’s still daylight There is too much to be done The mind, body, spirit they falter Is […]

thebengali @ TheMountainWalker: Republic Day Salute – Kaza, Spiti Kaza, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India, 26th of January 2017, 1056 hours: The moment is here and so are the people of Kaza, the chief guest, Dr. Vikram Singh Negi (ADM, Kaza), and the local police led by DSP Mukesh Kumar, SHO Hira Singh Thakur, ASI Yashpal Sharma and Head Constable Ashish Thakur. The turnout […]

thebengali @ TheMountainWalker: Morning of India’s 68th Republic Day 26th of January 2017, 1037 hours, Kaza, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India: Throughout my life, I have tried to be grateful for all that life has given to me – primarily because I have received much more than I had ever hoped for. And here in this moment, I realise that destiny has been generous […]

thebengali @ TheMountainWalker: The Monk Who Pushed a Ferrari (I mean Xylo)

Lidang-Shigo, Himachal Pradesh, India, 25 January 2017, 1120 hours: We are well and truly snow-bound. All roads are closed. We are going nowhere. That is, if we get back to Kaza. The car is dancing around the snow-laden road. Thankfully, there is help at hand. One of Sanju’s friends, who works with the Public Works […] […]