I can do it; One day at a time

I won’t get a medal for this but am enjoying this small success for 60 seconds. It feels good to achieve a goal that is longer than a day. The numbers read: 10, 10.2, 8.3, 9.5, 8.4, 13.2 and 11.5 for an average of 10.2 across 7 days.

Typically, in any matter, I set an annual goal and then focus only on the day, every day, reviewing and correcting course once in three months. My approach is to start strong and then match or improve on that beginning. I started 2023 by walking 10 kms on day 1 and that became the daily benchmark. At the beginning of the 6th day, I realised that I was down to an average of 9.2 kms per day. I had to make up 3.8 km if I wanted to get back on track or settle for a lower average. I decided to make up the difference on the 6th day itself so that I had s chance of completing 7 days of walking average 10 kms.

Laziness and lethargy are natural as are excuses and justification for not making the effort to stay with a goal. And with every passing hour, every passing day, we go further and further from our purpose till we don’t even realise that we have given up.

Yesterday I walked 13.2 kilometres (19,051 steps). It was a great day, almost as good as the 17.2 kilometres I had done on the fourth day of a five-day high altitude solo trek to give myself a fighting chance of completing the trek as per original schedule.

I started today with little opportunity to walk at length since the daily activities did jot require long walks. But after a long day, a focused hour of brisk walking in the crisp winter air did the job.

I am happy to have completed seven days at the pace I had set on day 1, inspite of a self-defined tough work schedule. The fact that I can stay with the walking goal helps me focus my energies on staying with my work and creative goals as well. When you work alone, discipline is the only coach.

Will I be able to complete the month at the same average? The quarter? The year? I don’t need to think that far ahead.

Tomorrow is a new day and I have to write, walk, research and pursue my work and life as per the objectives I have set for the year.

One step at a time. One hour at a time. I can do it.

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