Greed is a natural outcome when you are hungry

So I reached the afternoon after working through the morning without a break not unusual for me but when there’s a lot of thinking or creating involved, often I find food to be a good inspiration.

I usually eat just one meal a day, at the end of the day after all my work is done. But that’s when work is routine drudgery.

Today I was creating stuff so around 3 pm I decided to grab whatever’s there for a quick bite. I ended up with a plate heaped with pretty much whatever was there. Rice, cold cut salami, stir fried frankfurters, raddish kimchi, fried egg and green chillies. Chillies are a small but very central part of my meals.

Steamed rice with kimchi and assorted meat with fried egg and green chilly is a great quick meal. Photo: sanjay mukherjee

That quick bite was small enough not to shut down my body for a siesta but big enough to give me the energy I needed to work through till night.

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