The Big Dream

So there’s this place, see? And it’s very much like where I want to be – all the time – but never am? And it looks exactly like my dreams have ever been all about? Except that, you never really go beyond the surface in your dreams, do you? I mean really dig deeeeeeeep into that top icing on the pineapple cake and discover that it’s actually just a cold slice of pizza with peanut sauce on top, layered with white sweet icing. Now some may like pizza and peanut sauce, but I don’t.

Anyway, so I am thinking going after your dreams isn’t really all that it’s made out to be?

Unless you’ve really dreamt it through … and by the time you get through the first three thousand, two hundred and forty-three dreams, and find the top 3 that are really good dreams to go for, you’d probably be like 60 maybe?

So I see the point of existence of people who don’t do anything, but just dream … makes more sense than working hard at something you were never sure of in the first place and then there was too much hardwork invested in it for you to let go and then what do you know – a decade’s gone by, the mortgage payments are halfway through, the kids are grown up (as much they want to anyway) and rock music really starts sounding like rocks … yes, I can see the wisdom in just sitting on that fence, letting your head stay on that college days cloud and dreaming that big dream …

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