The List

Cut your hair.

Trim your beard.

Don’t argue.

Wear a shirt.

Iron your shirt.

Polish your shoes.

I am right.

You are wrong.

I make no mistakes.It’s all your fault.

You have to treat me right.

Your opinion is not important.

Trim your nails.

Follow all the rules.

Read what I read.

Listen to music I like.

Listen to people around you.

Listen to society.

Your work is good if society says so.

Your work is good if I say so.

Walk this path.

Sit there.

Watch TV now.

Don’t watch TV now.

Take all phone calls.



Get back to work.


Get back to work.

Say hello to everyone you meet.

Don’t talk to anyone.

Pay your taxes.

Pay all the surcharges.

Pay all the dues.

Pay them on time.

Do everything on time.

Be there for me.

Be strong.

Be nice to people.

Be nice to people … even if they treat you like &!(^#(!

Be successful.

Be dutiful, doesn’t matter if others don’t follow their duties.

Be social.

Be friendly.

Be good.

Be … anything but yourself.

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