There is too much noise. Too much. Noise.

So how does one find the music?

How does one find the words that mean life? How does one find the colours that distinguish life from death? How does one percieve the different shades within the same colour when there are a million colours jostling for attention?

How do I listen only to the voice that is mine?

The key lies in silence.

Or contemplation in silence.

When the mind is still, clarity emerges, sounds become notes; notes become movements, and then: tunes and music begin to emerge. When the mind is still, images lead to thoughts which shape words, fragments and sentences and concrete perception of ideas.

So I must go back to seeking silence. And the biggest impediment to this quest is my own voice, because it is my voice (my opinion) that is the biggest noise obstructing my ability to understand truth and reality.

The silence I seek is within.

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