Good Morning World: All you ever wanted to know about Monday Morning Blues

Some days I get up wondering why we have all this fuss about Monday mornings. Ever since I have been knee high to anybody, I have been hearing about the Monday morning blues. I have been trying to figure it out for years now, and I think I finally have it. Monday mornings are actually green, and that makes us blue.

I realised this thanks to a conversation with my friend, Holy Hernandez.

Now Holy Hernandez is something of a juggler during non-COVID times. He manages to juggle family life, partying and work rather well without ever seeming blue on a Monday morning.

“It’s all about the label on the door,” Holy said to me one day.

“What door?” I asked, having no idea what we were talking about.

“You see, life is actually about doors. And your being blue or green or pink depends on how you open any of these doors,” said Holy very profoundly.

I sipped my tea and looked at him, thinking he had lost it. The pressure of his hectic life was finally telling on him.

“It’s like this, Friday morning we get up feeling on top of the world, because the weekend begins. That’s the day I reserve for my friends. Next morning I get up feeling horrible… hangover, late night, generally too much of everything. But there’s that satisfaction, see?”

I nodded my head.

“Saturday is for chores around the house, catching up with pals and relatives. And the evening turns into another long night – but, with my wife and friends and their spouses.”

That made sense, so I nodded again.

“The whole fuss is actually about Sunday morning. That’s when you get up looking forward to time with yourself. That’s when you recuperate from the weekend. And organise your work week. I never leave home on a Sunday. Not for anybody. Most people get up green on Monday morning, missing Sunday – they are envious that Sunday is behind them already. And that’s why they are blue,” Holy said with a satisfied smirk on his face.

“But…” I protested.

“Wait, I am coming to the but. You see, missing Sunday is natural. But being mad at Monday is unfair and cruel. Have you ever thought about how Monday must feel with so many people in the world hating it? It must wish it was born as any other day except itself. That’s like you and me being cruel to others and making them wish they were never born. Days are human too, you know. Monday is actually the door to next Sunday. Most people don’t read the label on the door,” Holy concluded.

Coming to think of it, I guess Holy Hernandez is right. I have seen people struggling with doors in restaurants, offices and institutions all my life. I have too. Most of my life I have been pushing a door which has a clear sign saying, ‘pull’. And pulling on it from the other side, where it says ‘push’. This malady is much more common than you would expect. I have laughed at people who have banged a door off its hinges by pushing instead of pulling … and then I have made the same mistake with the same door. This time I am reading and reading again and making sure I get the door right. The label says, “Lockdown. Stay Indoors.”

Good Morning World. I think it’s time to start reading the labels before barging in (or out). Have yourself a great Monday today.

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