Good Morning World: What I need right now is courage

All roads lead to God my son.”

“All roads?”

Are you sure?”

“Yes, all roads.”

Yes, of course. Our sacred scriptures say so.”

Maybe they mean certain paths lead to God.”

“No my son. All paths lead to God.”

What does that mean?”It means God is everywhere, in everyone.”

“So God is everywhere, in everyone and therefore all paths lead to God?”


So, the Hindus and Christians are going to God, as are the Muslims, and the Buddhists and all other religious denominations?”

What is it that you seek?”

“The rich people? Who have it all and want some more? They are also going to God?”

Yes of course.”

And the poor? Who have nothing? Are they also welcome in God’s place?”

Of course, of course.”

“The Blacks? The Browns? The Whites? People of all colour and denomination are going to God?”


And the lower castes? They are also going to God? And since God is everywhere, God is also in them and the Hindus and Muslims and the Christians? And since all paths lead to God, I can follow them just as well as I can follow you.”


And women? God is in women as well?”


“So I can follow a woman’s path, her teachings, her interpretations of the sacred texts and that would also lead to God?”


Are you sure that all roads lead to God? And that the scriptures are true?”

What do you want? Now you are being arrogant and disrespectful.”

I am being arrogant? Disrespectful? By repeating what you are saying and seeking to confirm what you say with examples just so I don’t make a mistake in understanding?”

Hand of Death: Photo of a Doodle-on-Wood art by Upamanyu Mukherjee, illustrating that all people, irrespective of religious beliefs, are equal in death.

I think what all the scriptures really mean by all roads lead to God, is that all that lives, shall die. Nothing more. Nothing less. All lives. As in all living beings. Everything else has been conceptualised, written and interpreted to divide, subdivide, subjugate and thereby control people. Religion, culture, art, science, technology, law, statecraft, industry, economics, constitutions … all of these take the humanity out of humans. Left, right, centre, liberal, neo-liberal, traditional, modern … every ideology is fanatic and fundamental by nature since they oppose all but their own. And all of these are united in their egotistical ode to themselves as the benevolent secular benefactor of the peoples of the world.

Right now there are people suffering and dying all over the world. And in that very world, there are people who are arguing and finger-pointing and blaming and countering and … in the name of ideology and philosophy and religion and logic and righteous indignation and politics … each of us who is pointing a finger at anyone else is doing so because we are afraid.

And in the same world are people who are smiling and spreading encouragement and positivity and ideas to stay calm and fit and productive and generating tonnes of uplifting content … in the name of humanity and righteousness and sympathy and bonhomie and solidarity … each of us who is doing their bit in such upliftment is doing so because we are afraid.

Good Morning World. It is alright to be afraid. And having acknowledged that I am afraid, I think it’s high time I find a better way to help than spreading pessimism or optimism. What I need right now is courage to face reality. Nothing more is required and nothing less will do.

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