App This If You Can!

I like not knowing. Because when I don’t know, I can discover and find out and so the travelling makes sense.

Like yesterday I was enjoying and shivering in the cold rainstormy weather in Mumbai – I didn’t know what the weather was like in Doha. And so, when I got out of the air-conditioned airport, I went “Whoahhhhhh! This is hot!&%%!”
But that’s the way I like it and so I am now heading to Doha airport to fly back to Mumbai and I have no idea if the predicted cyclone did really keep its date with Mumbai. Why? Well, if I look it up and know all about it before I even take off from here, it’ll be odd landing there and not feeling anything because I wouldn’t just prepared but would have had already lived the experience out in my mind. Might as well be dead if I can’t feel nothing when I ought to be, no?
Like earlier today as I was steppin’ out of the hotel, the weather app helpfully told me it was 36 degrees outside. And you know what I had to say to the stupid app when I actually did step outside into the searing hottttttttt oven? “You don’t know what 36 feels like, and guess what: I do. This is more like 40 going on 42 because it’s not just about a number! The number is supposed to tell you what your body (that means senses) is in for!”

And so, I am just going to sit here and love hating that it is so bloody hot outside because I can! App That my tech-tock phone and other sundry devices! 😈

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