Farewell and Fare Thee Well

My life is winding itself down 

And I know my time is coming soon

I have been blessed to have lived such a meaningful life 

I have been blessed to know so many people

But I won’t be here any more 
I have done all I wanted and more

I have no regret or desires

But I won’t be here to see you grow 

I look at the spirit in your eyes 

I feel the strength of your hands 

In my hands 

And I know you’ll have to grow up on your own 
My life is winding itself down

I can feel it in my bones, in my organs, in my heartbeat.

I feel a peace.

It’s not coming today

Or the immediate tomorrow

But it’ll be soon enough.

And then you’ll have it to do.
You will find your own right

And know your own wrong from that right 

And find your own wisdom that there is no wrong or right

And it’ll all take an age.

You will find your courage

And you will find your fears 

And you will learn to find your courage 

From within your fears 

And that will take an age too.

You will learn to walk alone

And you will learn to walk with others 

And you will learn to walk alone while walking with others 

And all the ages shall be one.
My life it’s winding itself down 

But it’s spent with you

Talking to you, learning with you 

Walking with you, playing with you 

All that you will want to ask, you already know

Look in to you and you’ll find it.
Farewell my children 

And fare thee well

There is no tune 

But your own

There is no voice in your head 

But your own.

There is no life to live

But your own.

All you need to be is you.
(From the upcoming, The Book of Dreams)

The Indian Blogger Awards 2017


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