The parts of me I had locked away.

Are they still alive? Still breathing? Are they still Me?

And the parts of me that I lost along the way?

The ones I abandoned? The ones I hated? The ones I loved too much for my own good? The ones that left me? The ones that I simply grew out of?

Are they still me? Are they still out there? Waiting for me to rediscover them? Reach out to them?

And am I still Me without all those parts?

Or am I just a fragment, a part, an ansh of what I am? What I used to be?

Kya main ek ansh hoon apna?

Apne aap se parey,  Apni yaadon, apni khwabon, apni manzilon se door, kya main ek ansh hoon apna hi?

Apne aap se door?

Kisi aur apne ke pass?

Eta ki hotte parey?

Ki ami ami noi?

Ki ami nijer hoey o, nijer theke auporichito?

Ki ami nijer moner ekti kolpona?

Ki ami nijer jiboner shei ekti left turn, jeta ami ni nei. Konoi deen.

Ar ajkeyo ami shei jagay, shei modhey dadhiye achchi.

Is it possible that this is just not me?


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