I Am The Line

The wolves are at the gate

Tearing at my patience with their claws

They sneer, snarl, hiss epiteths

All others have fallen and are in battle

How long will my temper last?

The day has been hard

And it’s still daylight

There is too much to be done

The mind, body, spirit they falter

Is there no end to the toil?

The lungs are bursting

The legs they long to give

The eyes are blinded

The finish line is not in sight

What keeps me running?

Temptation is forever the shadow
There is always company to err

The call to take it easy is strong

The voices they say chill my friend.

How does one stay on a difficult path?

The road it curves and bends and dips and rises and slides

The sea breeze it soothes the senses

The mountain air it calms the mind

The city life it excites the imgination no end

Where then is the Line?

But the feet that walk are mine.

And so it must be that line is mine.

Nay, it must be that I am the Line.

Yes, that is it.

I am the Wolf. And I am the Patience.

I am the Day. And the Toil.

I am Temptation. And the Shadow.

I am the Road. And the Race.

I am the Sea. And the Mountain.

I am the Road. The Path. And the Line.

Yes, I am the Line.

I am the Line. 

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