I Will Take Affection

I will take affection where I get it. I will take love from whomever gives it. I will eat food at whichever hearth offers it to me. I will accept respect, advice, wisdom, quality, support Any Time, Anywhere from Any Source – And be grateful for it all. A life time is all I have […]

Across The Sea, Water

Across The Sea, Water

You cross the Sea And need a drop of Water to Live If You are Child of God And I am Child of God Can a Religion Separate Us? If You are Child of God And I am Child of God But I am Black or Brown Am I less of a Child of God? […]

“I’ll See Your Troll and Raise You One Notable Woman Scientist”

Brilliant insight into the challenging life of a dedicated woman admin of Wikipedia, and how she channelised the resultant negative energy into productivity; (Explicit language). At Backchannel, Andrew McMillen writes on how one young Wikipedia admin fights back at trolls by raising the profile of notable women in science, one new Wikipedia page at a time. via […]

thebengali @ TheMountainWalker: Republic Day Salute – Kaza, Spiti

https://videopress.com/embed/FycbMXVh?hd=0&autoPlay=0&permalink=0&loop=0 Kaza, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India, 26th of January 2017, 1056 hours: The moment is here and so are the people of Kaza, the chief guest, Dr. Vikram Singh Negi (ADM, Kaza), and the local police led by DSP Mukesh Kumar, SHO Hira Singh Thakur, ASI Yashpal Sharma and Head Constable Ashish Thakur. The turnout […]

thebengali @ TheMountainWalker: Morning of India’s 68th Republic Day

https://videopress.com/embed/1d4JsN70?hd=0&autoPlay=0&permalink=0&loop=0 26th of January 2017, 1037 hours, Kaza, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India: Throughout my life, I have tried to be grateful for all that life has given to me – primarily because I have received much more than I had ever hoped for. And here in this moment, I realise that destiny has been generous […]

thebengali @ TheMountainWalker: The Monk Who Pushed a Ferrari (I mean Xylo)

Lidang-Shigo, Himachal Pradesh, India, 25 January 2017, 1120 hours: We are well and truly snow-bound. All roads are closed. We are going nowhere. That is, if we get back to Kaza. The car is dancing around the snow-laden road. Thankfully, there is help at hand. One of Sanju’s friends, who works with the Public Works […] […]

thebengali @ TheMountainWalker: Heading Into a Snow-storm

https://videopress.com/embed/ukuWqJ8B?hd=0&autoPlay=0&permalink=0&loop=0 Lidang, Himachal Pradesh, India, 24 January 2017, 1235 hours: We are driving towards Sichling, just as a snow-storm is thinking of shaping up. Our plan today is to visit Dhankar Monastery. So far, we haven’t done a great job of getting there since we are stopping to experience and capture the spectacle of the […]

thebengali @ TheMountainWalker: Of Security, Self, and The Unknown Trail

Kaza-Komik Road, Himachal Pradesh, India, 23 January 2017, 1052 hours: We are heading to Komik today. There are a couple of ways to get there, one is via Langza. We are taking the direct from Kaza. With every passing day, my desire to let go of the comfort of a fixed base to return to […] […]

thebengali @ TheMountainWalker: Little Monks Skiing

https://videopress.com/embed/dTFnFTqh?hd=0&autoPlay=0&permalink=0&loop=0 Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, India, 22 January 2017, 1059 hours: We were on our way to Keurik but had to stop at the frozen Shila Nallah to watch these little Buddhist Lamas at play. Children are children anywhere in the world. 😊 via The Mountain Walker Diaries: Little Monks Skiing — The Mountain Walker

thebengali @ TheMountainWalker: Habit

Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, India, 22 January 2017, 0755 hours: Habits are a thing of wonder. Given half a chance, human beings form new habits when in new surroundings. The 3 Glasses of Hot Water is now a habit. It’s not a gourmet treat or a compulsion. It just makes sense and the body and mind […] […]