Nobody is Listening

Chaos, din, noise.
Clutter, clatter, incessant chatter.
No respect, no structure, no coherence.
Just noise. Defeaning noise.
The silence is because I go deaf in between.
Deaf when I am not speaking, that is.

And it is at such an impasse that the world stands today.

The day when everyone would be connected is here.
So has the day when all deem themselves to be equal.
When all are deemed equal, every thought is primary.
When every thought is primary, all becomes primal.
And everybody speaks.
Every one is alive when they speak.
And every one is deaf when they are silent.
For they are silent as they wait to speak again.
Everybody lives to speak.

Pictures, videos, words.
Speeches, sermons, reactions.
Speak. Utter. Rant.
Clutter, clatter, incessant chatter.
Everybody is talking.

And Nobody is Listening.

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