Loose End

One day, walking down this road

You’ll see all the roads you’ve ever traveled

All the crossroads, all the turns

And you’ll meet all the different you’s you’d left behind

There’ll be mirrors at every corner

Who will you see then?


All the little ghosts will walk with you

Hold your hand and remind you

Of the you’s that you used to be

And you’ll see all that you could have been

At every turn at every place

Who will see you then?


In the stairways of the mind

You’ll find hidden passages to those people ’n’ places

Doors that will open into fears and joys

Fears and joys that you had locked up inside

And when you wake up to the mirror next morning

Who will you see then?


Will that be you looking back at you?

Or will that be the choice you hadn’t chosen?

And then, in every single moment you didn’t live

Will be the parts of you, you had left open.

And when the night turns to light

Will you be the loose end of a string that someone had forgotten to tie?


(Excerpt from: I Used To Be A River: Verses From The Edge of Sanity.)


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