Hop, skip, jump

In the near future (say in about two decades), I don’t see computers (the way we know them now that is). I don’t see laptops, I don’t see iPads, maybe some palm-tops. Which is why the iPad does not excite me any more. I am bored of it. And bored of the smart-phone as well. And I want to be excited, but the tech companies have been evolving too fast for my pre-historic brain and now it’s given up getting excited about every new ‘leap’ in technology. I think these are more like skips or hops, like a deer happily breezing through a forest, teasing onlookers and predators alike. The leap will now have to be of King Kong stature to make me sit up.

The evolution is going to be from the phone towards something smaller. Maybe my friend, #rainama has a take on it. Will talk to him and ramble some more in a not too distant post.

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