Deadline app

I love deadlines … especially when they go past me, waving, some times kicking and screaming for my attention … maybe what I need is an app that will drag my attention to deadlines just before they have to be met and leaving me enough time to meet them.

But  … that’s still work … ah, I got it. What I need is an app that will meet all my deadlines for me. Just imagine: a menu option on my phone that allows me to add deadlines, and then neatly sorts them by receding number of hours and seconds (countdown style), and meticulously informs hour on the hour that a deadline is approaching, keeping my nerves jangled minute-on-minute, and finally, all by itself, (as in: magically), it will announce to me that the deadline has been met; Met, without any intervention from me.

Maybe in the end, a button can come up, and ask me if I want to archive the deadline details for future use …

It would also be good to have a button on my phone, that on one click will, by its own volition, change all the casings to upper and lower as the position and nature of every word deserves in a sentence. and maybe add some grammatical sense while it is at it? Hmm …?

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