That’s trust and confidence 

Today, I reached out to 12 professionals I have known over long durations of time, with an invitation to collaborate on a content media project and a request to estimate what they would be able to contribute per month.

Eleven of the responses were great because they were each different, positive, with a lot of questions on scope, expectations and so on.

One response was exceptional because it is the only one of its kind I have ever received in 25 years of collaboration and working. That’s how rare it is to find such an exemplary example of trust, self-confidence and ability to take calculated risks.

I reproduce here the response verbatim:

“Sanjay thanks I will like to do it. I do not know what output or content I will be able to deliver, we will figure that together but the pressure will help produce stuff. I am in for one per week.”

I am lucky and blessed to have all the friends and talented professionals in my life that I have, but am honoured to know this one for I learned several profound lessons from that one simple response.

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