Beyond The Ego

It’s the Ego that drives us insane. It is the Ego that nags us into doubts, that fans the flames of suspicion, giving rise to discontent, envy, jealousy and greed, creating an ever-expanding vacuum of longing and thus pushing us towards conflict and eventual self-destruction.

The Ego then is the Final Frontier. 

Beyond the Ego, lies a state of perpetual performance; a state where we are forever focused only on finding solutions to any problems that stop us from achieving our goals; a state where all emotional and personal judgements from people bounce off the force shield because they are irrelevant and only actionable information comes through- like Mr Spock; a state where you are one with the awareness of just being; a state where you are able to see all emotional and personal layers of communication and gracefully sidestep them like Neo and the bullets in The Matrix.

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