That’s trust and confidence 

Today, I reached out to 12 professionals I have known over long durations of time, with an invitation to collaborate on a content media project and a request to estimate what they would be able to contribute per month. Eleven of the responses were great because they were each different, positive, with a lot of […]

Dark World

Dark World, Light Shone Dark World, Light Shone I will be strong I will be free Dark World, Light Shone My eyes are wide My gaze is blind My gaze is blind My eyes are wide I’m just like you You’re just like me I am deaf and dumb I think I’m free Dark World, […]


August 26, 2016, 2147 hours, Pune. Here’s a question worth pondering over and finding an answer to: What is a Rocket? And a corollary follow-up: How can one make a Rocket? Now, I love science and I love the arts. A rocket is a rather complex piece of machinery, but it’s possible. Space travel is […]

I’ve been here before

August 26, 2016, 2124 hours, Pune. I’ve been here so many times And yet, it feels so new. The Blood, it is calm, in my veins. The Wind, it asks of me. How will I respond? That light, it belongs to a car. But it also connects to me. As I connect to the Universe […]

An Experiment

August 26, 2016, 2113 hours, Pune. The house is dark. The sky is gray. There is silence, almost… the crickets are sort of doing their thing. I am alone. By myself. Sitting on the verandah of my house. Looking into the vast gray sky, watching the city lights, listening to the crickets and the occasional […]


So most days I have several moments when I have done a lot of work, covered a lot of miles or had long conversations but when I check the time it turns out just 10 minutes have passed. This is because of what I have come to think of as ‘mind mileage’. Time – to […]

Alone in a Crowd

One of the most deep-rooted needs of human beings is the need to belong. It is a core need that is also an intrinsic motivation among human beings, a motivation that drives many actions and decisions… and also instills the fear of being alone. I have kind of always suspected the co-relation between needing to […]

It Could Happen To Anybody: Raising Awareness on Human Trafficking

It Could Happen To Anybody: Raising Awareness on Human Trafficking

It would have been an uncomfortable topic to present in a training symposium. It was a challenging task to get an audience to engage. It was an important core issue, though an age-old one. But Sherry Saehlenou not only made the presentation with class, she not only got the audience engaged in style, she also achieved […]

Age of Endless Time

My Days are deep, dark nights Deep, dark nights of pain. Pain gained from misplaced trust In the frail constitution of the human name. My Nights are long, lonely vigils  Vigils on account of pain Pain earned through day-long labours On the hard knock school of earning daily bread. My Weeks are a string of Days […]

Random Thoughts, Automated Thinking, and Default Decisions

I have been staring into space for almost an hour now. Staring some times at this page, some times out of the window, some times across the room and into the kitchen. It’s not that I have nothing to write about. Nor am I starved of thoughts or the inclination to express myself. It’s just […]