Ah Technology.

Technology Entrepreneurs are the new intellectuals of the human world. They are the new zealots, the new messiahs of the human world’s youngest religion: Technology.

The entrepreneurs world view is unique and centred around their idea of the world revolving around their new God – like all other messiahs and rulers we have ever had.

“There is only one big problem that is left to solve – healthcare. (All else is found).”  I have heard this enough times in the past 2 years and if I go by statistical analysis of such reiteration I should have the confidence that except for healthcare all other problems have been solved and that healthcare too will be solved soon.

But being a poorly writer and ignorant (which makes me the new infidel, new heathen, new pagan, imbecile even), I am still perceiving hunger, malnourishment, death, destruction, wars, strife, economic greed and such like, although they are all problems that have been solved by technology and hence past. And so here I am trying to figure out the rhetoric, news, data (big and otherwise), statistics and sundry other mountains of positive information on how technology has changed the world for better and thinking how “am I going to match all this definite proof of improvement to the picture outside my device, outside my living room window to begin with?”

Joblessness is not an issue because with so many entrepreneurs (and more by the day) starting companies, there’s a job for everyone. And if there isn’t, well, hey you could start a company yourself, right? I believe there are so many investors lined up to invest millions in new companies that I was thinking of asking some of them to invest some money in a tech company that grows food on the internet and give it away free because from where I come from that’s the Free Basics people need. Simple stuff – food, shelter, not to get raped, not to get killed, and maybe be get some dignified work a couple of days a week?

But all the good technology has done is fantastic. We have hundreds of millions on social-media now shouting and screaming with emoticons and text and graphics and video on so many important matters of human existence that all problems are now going to get solved faster, quicker and more definitely. Because all these centuries what was really missing was a public outcry from people on important matters. And because governments, media, corporates all over the world all across human history have shown that they really listen to public outcry, and change the world much against their own interests.

Yes, yes, I think I can see it all coming together now. The religious fanatics, the political power-horses, the corporate bigwigs, the rising stars of the educated middle-classes, the poor, the very poor, and the very very poor all sitting down for supper together on a live-streamed event across the globe sponsored by all the governments and the United World Religions Alliance presided over by a benevolent council represented by all colours, genders, and ethnicities.

All thanks to technology. Now that would be a mean trick.

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