I have had more conversations with people about the relationship between self, family, people, and career, than on any other topic. And I’ve been trying to figure out and wondering how people prioritise these things. I do know one thing: people do prioritise; some do it consciously, others just go with gut instinct, but there […]

Ah Technology.

Technology Entrepreneurs are the new intellectuals of the human world. They are the new zealots, the new messiahs of the human world’s youngest religion: Technology. The entrepreneurs world view is unique and centred around their idea of the world revolving around their new God – like all other messiahs and rulers we have ever had. […]


My memory tells me that as a school-boy in Bombay of the late 1970s and early 1980s, I used to be afraid of Maths, Maths teachers, of a boy in my class, and his elder brother Jacob. Maths teachers because they had a condescending way of correcting the gaps in my understanding, Maths because I […]

The Follower

When one perceives a leader we tend to perceive in that leader all the traits that we ourselves desire to possess. As a consequence we interpret all actions and decisions of the leader from such a perspective laden with all such traits and ignore all other traits and in effect eventually we become blind to […]

Dismantling The Self

I don’t subscribe to labels (husband, wife, religion, parent, work, success, career, etc). I try to live my life. And hope for everyone to live theirs. The labels come with expectations and that’s where I start falling short since I don’t know what the expectations are and they get in the way of me being […]

The Importance of God

If there was no God, there would be no hope, no quest for peace, no other reality than reality itself. If there was no God, how would I explain to myself why human beings are vicious, evil, cruel and vindictive? How would I live through every day and still want to get up the next? […]

The Illusion of Control (Or the Belief in Immortality)

Some recent events and experiences – unrelated for others – helped complete an important part of my learning that had been incomplete for the past four decades. The most recent event was Brexit in June 2016. The reactions to the Brexit Referendum result brought home to me (as an internalised understanding) that a particular type […]


So, the past few months I have been listening and reading (on social media) to a lot of stuff people keep talking about in relation to fitness. And the one question that keeps presenting itself to me:  Why does age come into the picture when we talk about fitness? I honestly don’t understand. And I don’t buy […]