And I now stand here looking back at then
Then when I was Me, with a different belief.
And a Then When I was also Me, with another belief.
And all the Thens When I was Me with different beliefs in different Times.
And in each Time? The belief was Truth.
It was Truth for I acted upon them.
And I lived by them.
And I fought for them.
And I loved for them.

And so it was with every one around.
Each had Belief that was Truth.
And if our Truths were similar, we were friends.
If our Truths were too far apart, we were foes.If our Truths were close but not too, we argued.
We all lived by the Truth.
We all loved for the Truth.
We all fought for the Truth.
In each Time, for every Truth. And we are all Us.

And now I stand here, alone.
Alone for I now see that there is no Truth.
There can’t be. For every Truth is Truth.
And if every Truth is Truth, then there is no Lie.
And if there is no Lie, then there is no Truth either.
And all I was living for, acting upon, fighting for
In every time, was a mist, a fleeting knowledge
Based upon little more than incomplete perception.

And so, there is no conflict any more.
Just a wait.

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  1. Rahul Joshi says:

    Perfect & SImple. No Confusion. No Complication…

    Liked by 1 person

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