I, the Common Beast

Some time ago, I was reading an article on some great leader at some great company, who spoke about the two strategies to retain employees: provide them meaningful work and provide them with an environment where they collaborate with quality people. It was profound and genius and … bullshit. This is the kind of stuff […]


I miss my friends. Some of them are right here in Pune, but they might as well be keeping my other friends company in Mumbai, Delhi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Frisco, among other cities. Was a time when my friends were around the country, but I could write a letter to them. We would likely meet […]


And I now stand here looking back at then Then when I was Me, with a different belief. And a Then When I was also Me, with another belief. And all the Thens When I was Me with different beliefs in different Times. And in each Time? The belief was Truth. It was Truth for […]

“Fear has no place in success anywhere”

“Fear has no place in success anywhere”

Jaisurya Das (@jaisurya_das) is a media professional, who is considered a marketing guru, especially strategies centred around the concepts of #Neuromarketing (strategies based on market research that study audience behaviour including cognitive and affective response to stimuli). His illustrious media career spanned very successful stints with Bennett Coleman & Company’s #TimesofIndia brand and #TheSakalGroup. In 2003, he founded […]

Happy (having viewed an electric show from Bo Burnham)

In July 2003, after an exciting and invigorating stint with the local (Pune) newspaper edition of a global media giant, I decided to move on from day-to-day journalism.  I was a sub-editor by day and by night: a commentator and critic on contemporary lifestyle matters, with specific interest in learning, and the performing arts, with […]