The 15-minute JD-on-the-rocks

Today, I will tell you how to make a Jack Daniel on-the-rocks in 15 minutes. It’s pretty easy:

  • First, you have three large Vodkas with a twist of lime.
  • Next, you have one more large Vodka but this time with a twisted lime.
  • And then, you go looking for Jack Daniel.
  • After 13.5 minutes, you will find the Jack Daniel bottle right next to the bottle of Vodka you had been drinking from.
  • It will take you 45 seconds to slosh some Jack Daniel into a glass.
  • And another 45 seconds to grab a handful of ice cubes and toss the glass into them…
  • And voila! Your 15-minute Jack Daniel on-the-rocks is ready – very handy when you want a quick drink.

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