The Race Horse

Angus was a shrewd and hardworking trader. He had risked his meagre capital on a few half-opportunities and with a mix of good luck and great bartering skills, he was doing well within a few years. In 10 years of trading, Angus had expanded from a one-man show out of a 100-sq feet rented shop […]

The 15-minute JD-on-the-rocks

Today, I will tell you how to make a Jack Daniel on-the-rocks in 15 minutes. It’s pretty easy: First, you have three large Vodkas with a twist of lime. Next, you have one more large Vodka but this time with a twisted lime. And then, you go looking for Jack Daniel. After 13.5 minutes, you […]

On War and Peace

How do I know I am not from one of these other lands? Not one of these other Peoples? From another time? How do I know where I shall be from next? And if so: How can I bear ill will on any people anywhere? How can I bear arms against another? And yet, how […]

The Himalayas

On the trail to Shaali Tibba, Himachal Pradesh, India. Photo: Sanjay Mukherjee I could spend an entire life walking the Himalayas. Waking to, living in and walking these vast ranges, breathing the air that fills me with life, eating what is offered by the people I meet in the villages that appear older than recent […]

If I Fall

If I fall. I shall rise again If I rise. I shall fall again. And round and round The world shall go Till I can neither rise Nor fall again. – From The Book of Dreams

What is Beauty?

So what is beauty? And who is it for? The Beholder or the Object of Admiration? Or The Creator? And who is accountable for the consequences of beauty? Thus I ponder, as I lie here now, In the final moments of my existence, Plucked from my natural environment By an ardent admirer attracted by my […]